Westbury Youth Centre
This is where the magic happens. This is the home for our radio skills workshop. Westbury Youth Centre (WYC) is the only hub for the youth in Westbury. Founded in 2012 the Centre offers educational programmes for everyone interested and thus helps to create an ethos of goal-setting, learning and success in this too often neglected and crime-driven community.

Eldos FM
Community radio in Eldorado Park, Johannesburg. WYC Radio has started cooperation with this forward-looking voice of the coloured community.

The main platform for publications by the WYC Radio students. SoundCloud is also supporting WYC Radio. Thank you!

Children’s Radio Foundation
Groundbreaking youth radio work on the African continent. See also CRF’s SoundCloud and Facebook. Cooperation between Children’s Radio Foundation and the WYC radio team is in sight.

Community Media for Development
A Johannesburg and Maputo based consultancy specialising in e.g. serial radio dramas and radio spots on issues like gender/ women’s rights, migration (including human trafficking and xenophobia) and health promotion. CMFD’s work emphasis community input and participation. Cooperation between Community Media for Development and the WYC radio team is in sight.

“Oma ääni eetteriin”
An article about the Westbury Youth Centre Radio Skills Workshop published in Journalisti, the magazine of The Union of Journalists in Finland (UJF) in November 2014.

Oi fm
Oululainen osoitus siitä, miten vapaaehtoinen paikallisradiotyö rikastaa maailmaa.

Radio Moreeni
Tampere rikastuu. Onnea, 25-vuotias yliopistoradioklassikko!

Radio UusJussi
Satakunta rikastuu.


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