“The world is not full of new journalists, the world is full of people who have access to Facebook”

Paula Salovaara is one of the key actors in the Finnish radio scene. She has been involved in numerous radio changes since 1980’s, among them a legend: the first remarkable private urban radio station Radio City. In the year 2000 she shaked the Finnish radio scene by putting up her own work of art: Radio Helsinki. It’s one of the pioneers of Internet radio in Finland and nowadays a renowned local music and talk FM radio. With the concept of no playlist, tens of professional dj’s and long discussion programs Radio Helsinki was said to never be able to succeed for more than a year. On the 1st of September 2014 the urban dream just celebrated its 14 year anniversary. The times are hard. So are the workers on the little legendary channel. Looking back to the year 2000: why did Paula Salovaara want to put up something as crazy as an own radio station?

Photo: Paula Salovaara with Njassa and Sami Yaffa


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